Encounters: A Memoir

Tiger Encounters
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After arriving, my friends and I checked in with Dr. Christie Nigro for the attendance then waited for other people to get there.

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As we were waiting, we chatted and had candy canes. Once everyone got there, we practiced the songs. During one of the rehearsals at Mechanic Hall, I got to see an aerial view of the old pictures that decorated the whole hall and the wonderful old organ. I sang on a balcony wedged high above, and got to see everything perfectly clearly. I saw the Massachusetts Symphony Orchestra, where Dr.

I also got to see the special guest singers, and the other people from the combined choruses across the stage. After that last rehearsal, the chorus got to take a break, and my friends Matt, Erika, and I managed to eat dinner before the concert. We ate at a pizza place and drank sodas. Afterwards, while checking the time, we went back to the concert hall. We got ready. The women of the chorus had to wear black dresses with red ribbons and black shoes.

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The men of the choruses had to wear tuxes. At the concert, everyone filed back into the same seats and I got to see the perfect view again.

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The audience started filing in. When the concert started, beautiful music played. Then, before I knew it, the concert was over, and from what I remember, we ended with a sing along.

Happy Holidays! This is a memory I will never forget. Thanks to Alex, Matt, and Erika for helping to fill in the void of leaving the high school chorus, and thank you to my middle school teacher Mrs.

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Legere, my high school Chorus teacher Mr. Goldman, and my Chorus professor Dr. Christie Nigro for the amazing memories. Thanks even to my high school band teacher Dr. Cote, too. By Erika Lesage I had already gotten a drink, ate some crackers, and went to the bathroom. Nothing could help fill the pit in my stomach.

Dianna was leaving for college tomorrow whether I was […]. By Jude Casimir Every kid in Mrs. The cubbies had been […]. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

Tiger Encounters

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Kyar had been asked by his grandfather to feed the pair of cows in his field near the village.

As he led the cattle across the field one after the other, a tiger appeared and attacked the cow walking at the back. Twice in fact. The first time, Saw was out hunting to the east of Ban Creek and it was just a brief glimpse.

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The second time he came face to face with a tiger in the forest, he shot at it with his Tumee gun, failing to kill it. When I returned to the village I was in a state of shock and I never wanted to see a tiger again. I was so scared! The forests in this part of Myanmar were once abundant with wildlife. Today, it is rare to see even a barking or samba deer.

The populations of these species have been decimated by habitat loss for agricultural expansion, and by poachers for the rampant illegal wildlife trade. Published: AM - 28 Jul Tiger Encounters.

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Encounters: A Memoir [Dorothy Norman] on breathaciminout.cf *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Encounters: A Memoir: Relationship Journeys from Around the World [Sam Oglesby] on breathaciminout.cf *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Encounters: A.

One night in … Saw Kae, while fishing on the Ban Chaung river near the Kyaikpheelan village of Myanmar's Dawei District, was thinking to himself how incredible it would be to see a wild tiger. It was the tiger he had waited for all these years.