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Willpower responds very well to invention origin IO set bonuses. Note how Willpower grants low levels of Smashing and Lethal defense natively but grants higher levels of resistance to that type. Melee powers have multiple sets to address this but the ranged blast sets do not. Sentinels can work around this but you may need to be creative with your slotting. Furthermore, Willpower's premier regeneration tool, Rise to the Challenge, was designed to increase the regeneration rate per enemy.

The Sentinel variant to this power is called Up to the Challenge and it does not grow in strength per enemy. Instead of power growth per enemy, Up to the Challenge has a higher baseline regeneration at all times, but this baseline regeneration does not compete with a fully saturated Rise to the Challenge. Then there is the issue of maximum hit points which Sentinels do not have a lot of naturally.

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So with no reactive shields or heals Sentinel Willpower can come across as somewhat thin at times. This can seem a little worse as well when you combine lower max hit points with a lower max regeneration rate.

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I do not intend for the above to crush your dreams of playing Willpower. This is a fireside chat, and I want to be realistic.

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I've got 2 health overwhelming, 2 guardian fierce, 2 holy a power and a arcane on sentinel pyro soldier. Oct 27, Smokinhotbooks K. He said one advantage of playing in Santa Cruz is that it helped a lot with his transition to Golden State because the teams basically run the same system. If I try following your excellent-looking advice on Beam Rifle in setting up a new build, and then try following your excellent-looking advice on Energy Aura, I, um, I end up really, really short on slots. Then he continued on as if nothing had happened.

Willpower is still a good set. It can even be a great set for a certain style of play and mindset, but it is not nearly as potent as its melee counterpart can be.

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Willpower builds should practically build themselves. It is not a complex suite of powers or effects and it doesn't really require a lot of attention. The one power that brings some dual purpose is High Pain Tolerance. This power provides both maximum health and resistance.

On common IO, or even Single Origin, you can put 3 health and 3 resistance here. For your passive regeneration and endurance recovery slots is fine. Your toggles will only ever need slots.

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Resurgence needs nothing at all, and Strength of Will can function just fine on slots. Willpower really is that simple. The only reason you'd ever 4 slot your toggles is to include 1 endurance modification. If your endurance needs can be met without that, then just focus on the defense bonuses or resistance bonuses. Willpower's simplicity allows you to focus more on your offense not just in game play but in slotting too.

Most players actively build their characters to avoid the annoyance of defeat. Resurgence lets you bypass the load screens and hospital trips but post-defeat powers often aren't ideal picks. You can completely skip this power as Awaken inspirations will also do much of the same function.

Resurgence does grant damage, to hit, and recharge bonuses in its package of effects. So it isn't completely terrible, but it is very niche. Strength of Will is another choice to consider skipping. This power grants a boost to all resistances, increases your endurance recovery, and actually boosts your resistance to crowd control further.

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It does come with a mild crash and the power cannot be improved with recharge modification from any source. It does last several minutes and it can cap your Smashing and Lethal resistance which doesn't happen naturally otherwise. Willpower is easy to play but IO building can be a lot more art than science.

I am going to present several options below. It's the most complex part of the Willpower set and even then it really isn't that challenging when you have an idea of what you need to shop for. As mentioned earlier, Willpower does very well when picking and choosing IO sets that actively seek to close some of its gaps.

One of Willpower's most notable gaps is Smashing and Lethal defense which is the most common damage type in the game. Players will want to increase their defense to this category but there is no need to try to soft-cap. There are significant opportunity costs in both power choice and slotting that come with raising defenses.

This also doesn't include influence which is tied to your personal time costs to buy more potent sets. Sentinels benefit a lot from engaging in ranged combat where retaliation fire is often weaker than melee attacks. Use that to your advantage and plan for that with inspirations.

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Basically, don't go overboard on building defense but do consider building more of it. It is also worth mentioning that Willpower does not have much in the way of defense debuff resistance DDR.

So no matter how much of a buffer you build, that defense will come crumbling down from certain enemy factions. Plan ahead when facing those groups Arachnos, Devouring Earth, etc.

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First thing to note when browsing IO sets for defense bonuses is that these bonuses are almost always paired. Willpower's core defense power, Heightened Senses, is Typed Defense. Ideally, you want to build on that strength but sometimes you can work around it with the defense pairing system. The pairings work as follows:. The Resistance Set category has several options to help raise your defenses.

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Reactive Armor has several small typed defense bonuses in its 3rd, 4th, and 5th tier bonuses. Unbreakable Guard has a larger melee defense bonus at the 4th tier of bonuses but this comes with moderate Smashing and Lethal defense. Aegis offers a lot of large AoE defense which pairs with moderate Fire and Cold defense. The other resistance sets do not offer much in the way of defense that really matters.

Impervium Armor offers Psionic defense and resistance but this is rarely worth pursuing. Of these choices, I often recommend Unbreakable Guard since there are 3 powers native to Willpower which can take it and it is pretty easy to find enough slots for the 4 piece set. All characters have access to Brawl and that power can be enhanced for slotting. You'll never really use it but it can hold a set. This is known as "set mule". Kinetic Combat has a large melee defense bonus at 4 pieces which brings with it a moderate Smashing and Lethal defense.

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The bonus provided by Kinetic Combat is slightly larger than Unbreakable Guards and this means that you can stack 5 each of both sets. You don't need to do that but it is possible. If you're trying to push your defense numbers up, then these sets will likely be core components to your strategy. The defensive powers, Indomitable Will and Heightened Senses, can take on any of the standard defensive sets. I generally don't recommend enhancing Indomitable Will since its purpose is very narrow. I tend to recommend a full slotting arrangement for High Pain Tolerance since the power is quite diverse in what it can take.

The base resistance to High Pain Tolerance is low making a it a nice place to put these uniques that would detract the enhanced value of stronger powers like Mind Over Body. How you slot Quick Recovery, Fast Healing, and Up to the Challenge is going to depend a lot on what you feel is missing from the build. The Healing and Recovery categories have a number of really great set options at varying levels of influence cost.

Doctored Wounds, Panacea, and Preventative Medicine have global recharge which is going to benefit your primary more than anything. There are a number of options for Incarnates and there isn't truly a right or wrong answer. What you take will depend more on which blast set you are pairing it with as well as general character goals.

I am very glad you took the time to review the historical context and a bunch of the surrounding issues - I played a bunch on live but there were things here I never knew. Thank you! There are other Japanese words used in City of Heroes that do not mean what the designers think it means and comes across like someone was browsing Black Belt Magazine.

This is both a little insulting and a little entertaining as comics have a long history of cultural exploitation entertainment media does in general. Anyway, for the remainder of this guide, I will not be using the spelling of the set as how it is presented in game. So you want to be Naruto?